Fear of Flying


Do you suffer from a fear of flying? This is an extremely common phobia, and on the face of it understandable. However it is well documented that flying is now the safest mode of transport. In fact if you flew every single day of your life then it would take nearly 20,000 years before you had a fatal accident. And with the airline industry forever improving their safety record it is likely that you could travel forever and still not have a crash!

Also, to help put you ate ease, did you know?

  • Aircraft flying at 30,000+ feet have their own 10 mile wide corridor to fly in that no other plane can enter. They may look close together from the ground, but they’re not.
  • Don’t fear a computer malfunction. Aircraft manufacturers aren’t daft, there are usually 3 or more back up computers just in case the first one goes. And as a last resort the pilots can fly the plane.
  • G-force. Turbulence is one of the biggest fears for aerophobes. However aircraft are built to withstand 6/7 g and the average turbulence is around 0.3 g. So just enjoy the ride.
  • You are more likely to be killed by a bee than by an airplane crash.
  • At the busiest there are around 5,000 planes in the sky at any one time. That’s over 250,000 people!

There are many treatments available and hypnotherapy has proven particularly useful. Fear of flying is a mostly irrational fear (very slightly rational, because there is still that 1 in 7 million chance you could crash). If phobias were based on statistics you would be much more scared of driving, or travelling by boat or train. Or bees of course.

To cure yourself of your fear of flying phobia you need to be able to

1.       Trust the aircraft and the personnel who work within the aviation industry who are trained to incredibly exacting standards.

2.       Control your own feelings and reactions so that you remain completely at ease throughout your flight, and this is where hypnosis is so powerful.


If you want to know more about overcoming your fear of flying visit this site for further information.