How to Relax

Stress is a fact of everyday life, and a certain amount is vital for us to survive. However often it is the case that the last thing people who suffer from too much stress will admit to, is being too stressed, as this may be seen as some kind of weakness.

It is important not to ignore the symptoms of stress including:

High Blood Pressure

Constant minor health problems (headaches, stomach upset, colds)




Mood swings

There are many more, but there is help available. Many stress management programmes are now being offered, and Hypnotherapy is an excellent tool to permanently deal with the effects of stress.

If you would like more information on how Hypnotherapy could help you, then feel free to call Mark on 01625 425230

In the meantime, here are a couple of breathing techniques to give you immediate relief from stress.

1.    The Long Breath:

Imagine inhaling through your finger tips, pulling the air up through your hands and arms, into your shoulders. Then imagine exhaling out through your body down through your chest and stomach, through your legs and finally gently out through your toes. Repeat and feel how this deep breathing affects your whole body, gently relaxing your chest, stomach and limbs. Repeat until you feel nice and relaxed, while keeping your shoulders nice and still.

2.    Bellow Breathing.

Picture the flanks of your body as bellows. Imagine these bellows are drawing air in, and then pushing it out again. Inhale while the bellows are drawing in the air, exhale while they contract and expel the air. Imagine the air streaming through the flanks freely and feel yourself relaxing.