Lose Weight With Hypnosis

So you want to lose weight? This fantastic Hypnotic triple CD will help you lose weight naturally and permanently

The Hypnotic Diet
(Triple CD)

A revolutionary new approach to weight loss

Whatever your reasons for needing to lose weight Hypnotherapy can be a very real help to change your eating habits for life. You really can lose weight now with my powerful 6 point program, simply by mimicking the eating habits of naturally healthy people. Losing weight with Hypnosis also means losing weight without dieting! You should never go on a diet ever again.

Weight loss is yet another example of ’slow and steady’ winning the race. Weight loss and weight control is a process that must be done at a rate of approximately 2 pounds a week for lasting results, but it is important not to obsess about your weight once you start your weight loss programme, as your weight varies significantly during the day/week/month.

Many people also risk developing an eating disorder as a result of trying to lose weight and failing at a weight loss program over and over again. The reasons behind this fact are of course numerous, but simply stated, just losing the weight isn’t the issue, changing the habits, beliefs, and behaviours, is the issue. And that is why Hypnosis is such a potent weight loss tool.

We may initially lose weight on a given weight loss or weight control program, but then our old automatic habits and behaviours lead us to self sabotage and we soon find Lose Weight with Hypnosisourselves right back where we started from, except maybe even more frustrated, unhappy and heavier. This only makes it even harder to try to lose weight the next time.

If you are looking at this page, you already know you want to lose weight, and there are some tremendous benefits to using Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss.

The healthiest way to lose weight is not the quickest way to lose weight. People who are happy with their weight and keep to a healthy weight don’t actually try. The reason hypnosis is such a powerful tool for weight loss is it’s potential to help you build new healthy habits. Even if you’re not overweight you need to follow a sensible diet and fitness plans to ensure a long healthy life.

It may be that you are simply in a rut, perhaps you have tried diets, but just the mere word “diet ” implies something you do temporarily.

To lose weight healthily and forever contact me now for further details and advice.