Past Life Regression

Reliving Past Lives.

Who might you have been in your previous existence? Maybe a doctor, a farmer,  or a queen? Past Life Regression with hypnosis can provide the solution to this and numerous other questions about past lives.    Past Life Regression
Why do people seek Hypnotic Regression?  In my experience there are two main reasons:

1.    Curiosity. Many people are curious about their past lives and the details gleaned during a regression can produce names, places and dates.
2.    Therapy and healing. Our personality and character today is a result of all the experiences we have had over our many past lives. These experiences can affect many aspects of our current behaviour. Past Life Regression can bring about a significant and beneficial  healing change.

One can find a number of experiences from past lives that could be negatively affecting us in this particular life. For instance, somebody who is afraid of water might have drowned. Possibly the greatest benefit of having a past life regression is the evidence it gives that we’re all continuously changing and evolving. This can change our attitude on life & present a realisation of why we are what we are and also of just what we are expected to be accomplishing here.

Hypnotherapy by phone is becoming ever more popular as it is safe and effective, and can be conducted from the comfort of your own home without the need to travel to see your therapist. The past life regression session lasts approximately an hour (although this can vary) and involves some simple relaxation and hypnotic techniques. You will be fully aware of everything that is going on around you, but will have a deep sense of focus and concentration.

Uncover The Mysteries That Make Up Your Past Lives.


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