Hypnotherapy acts as a gentle, but powerful, tool to overcome any phobia. I have had clients with a life long fear of flying overcome their phobia in a single session.


No matter what  phobia you may have, and there are more than a thousand of them, they can be incredibly restrictive on your life. You may have tried facing up to them in the past, but unless you were successful you probably now have a strategy of avoidance. You will do anything to avoid being confronted by the thing, event or situation that the phobia is associated with.

Phobias are many and varied. Types of Phobia vary from common Phobias, such as a fear of the dentist or fear of heights (Acrophobia), to the much more unusual, but just as debilitating Phobias, such as a fear of looking up (Anablephobia) or a fear of paper (Papyrophobia). Ridiculous or amusing as some of these Phobias appear they are a massive problem for the sufferers who can alter their entire way of life to avoid situations that may trigger a Phobic reaction.

It is estimated that 7% of the population suffer from Social Phobia to a greater or lesser extent (Social Phobia is the fear of social situations that involve interaction with other people – a fear of being judged or evaluated by other people. So a person who usually becomes anxious in social situations but is fine when alone is probably suffering from Social Phobia )Conquer your Fear of Flying

Social Phobia is now considered to be the third largest mental health problem in the World today.

However the good news for sufferers of any type of Phobia is that help is available and Hypnosis is now proving to be extremely successful at removing even a life long Phobia. I have had great success in removing Phobias in just one Hypnotic session and even by phone.